2013-angie-200Welcome! My name is Angie, I’m 21 years old, and I currently live in my hometown of Bountiful, Utah. I am honored to fulfill my third season as an America First Jazz Dancer. I have thoroughly enjoyed this job because it allows me to dance—something I’ve been practicing since I was three years old. I also enjoy cheering on our Utah Jazz! I love making public appearances as well because it helps me to discover and learn more about our amazing community.

I am currently attending the University of Utah as a full-time student studying business. I particularly enjoy my finance, marketing, and accounting classes! I am also the assistant coach for the Bountiful High School Drill Team and Dance Company, of which I am an alumni. This year, the team and I are competing for our sixth consecutive state championship title.

When I am not dancing, studying, or coaching, I love to be active outdoors. My family and I, as well as our dog, Titus, frequently hike in the beautiful mountains and take annual camping trips together. I also have a deep passion for cooking and baking—I even made a cookbook this summer and compiled a total of 278 family recipes. That’s a brief look into my life, now let’s go have a great season!