Free Time and Visa VIP Dinner in Guangzhou

Hey Jazz Fans,

I hope you are relaxing as much as we are here in Guangzhou! We’re lucky enough to have some free time here so we took to the pool! During our “spa day” as we so fittingly named it, we had a luxurious breakfast, got soothing massages, and relaxed by the pool and jacuzzi to swim, read, and soak up the sun. The next day it was back to work! We traveled to a distant part of Guangzhou to perform and attend the Visa VIP dinner. In a classy grand ballroom we danced two routines for the sponsors then drew names for a contest where we attempted to pronounce the Chinese names correctly…they kindly laughed with us! We joined the VIP’s for a deluxe dinner then handed out posters and took pictures. The evening was a fun event! Today we’re off to perform at the NBA nation- we can’t wait! Talk to you soon fans!!