Greetings from Shanghai!

The Jazz Dancers have arrived safe and sound in Shanghai, China and we are loving every minute here. After the 14 hour flight we sat down to an authentic chinese dinner where we ate spicy tofu and watched a traditional chinese play. The next morning we exercised, as we dancers are trained to do, in the beautiful wellness spa at our hotel. Breakfast is a real treat here: omelets, grapefruit, freshly squeezed juices, pastries, dumplings, pan seared buns, and even baked beans! We had our first practice at the Oriental Sports Arena for the Shanghai Citizens Game and got to observe the other dancers participating in the program.

Last night we went to the circus where we saw everything from trampolinists and motorcyclists to contortionists and acrobats. Today we visited the Jade Buddha Temple and learned of the Chinese peoples dominant religion. After we went to the silk factory and former French Quarter we relaxed and strolled through the Yu GardenŠbeautiful. We’re excited for the rest of our stay here in China!