2012-nicole-200Hi, my name is Nicole and here is a little insight on who I am and what I like to do.  I started dancing at the age of three and have been doing it ever since.  I was trained in jazz, ballet, hip hop, and tap.  I absolutely love and have a passion for dancing.  I knew that I wanted to be a Jazz Dancer at a very young age.  I have always been a HUGE Jazz fan so when I found out I had made the team I truly could not have been more thrilled.  I have now been dancing with the jazz for going on seven seasons.  It has given me so many amazing opportunities, and I have made life-long friends.  I have absolutely  loved my experiences with the organization.

When I’m not dancing with the Jazz you can find me at work, or with family and friends.  I’m definitely a summer person so in my free time I love going boating with the fam or traveling.  The only good thing about winter in my opinion is that it is NBA season.  Some of my hobbies include bikram yoga, working out with our incredible trainer Neil Anderson, and I also like to go sky diving.

I look forward to the upcoming 2012-2013 Jazz Season….. GO JAZZ!!!