2012-karlie-200I’m Karlie, this is my first year as a Jazz Dancer and I already love it. We have such a great group of girls, an amazing coach and we never fail to have a great time when we are together; no matter what it is we are doing. We have so many opportunities and get to experience so many fun things, and most importantly we get to do what we love -dance.

I have been dancing since I was four years old and have always loved it. Other than dancing I have many other hobbies. Whether it’s wake boarding and boating in the summer, or snowboarding in the winter, I always love to be on the go and trying new things.

I am currently going to school and I am planning on going into Radiology. I always love to stay busy and with dance and school. I love dancing and I am a huge Jazz fan. So I love my job!:)