Dani R.


  • Age: 21
  • Occupation: Student
  • Years on the team: 1
  • Hometown: Sandy
  • Nickname: Danza
  • If you had a theme song, what would it be? “I Hope You Dance,” Leeann Womack
  • Describe your worst date: We went sledding, went off a jump and both our heads hit. I ended up having a concussion.
  • If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would it be? Chocolate Donuts
  • What is one goal you’d like to accomplish during your lifetime? Travel the world
  • What infomercial product have you always wanted to try? The Magic Bullet
  • When you were a child, what was your favorite toy? Barbies
  • What TV family would be the best example of your family? George Lopez family
  • Besides the Jazz, what is your favorite sports team? University of Utah Football
  • What’s the ideal dream job for you? Definitely a taste tester
  • What are your pet peeves? People chewing loudly on their food
  • What do people like best about you? I’m very friendly