Randy Foye Prefers His Buckets Come in Threes

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Randy Foye has been a revelation for the Utah Jazz this season; giving them everything they bargained for and more. The Jazz have been able to see their big men like Al Jefferson receive the benefits from playing with a guy who is a legitimate threat to make a shot from anywhere on the floor.

Foye was signed in the off-season to a one year, 2.5 million dollar contract. At the time I thought it was a nice signing for the Jazz. Most assumed he would be a guy who would come off the bench and make a few shots. The six-year pro out of Villanova has been lighting the nets on fire in the ESA and arenas around the country.

Foye is shooting a sizzling 42% from beyond the arc and has made 125 bombs this season, good enough for fifth in the league. His previous career high was last year with the Clippers when he made 127; so even this pace is new for Foye and it is definitely new for the Jazz.

Foye is five made threes away from breaking Mehmet Okur’s Utah Jazz record of 129 made three pointers during the 2006-07 season; and he has 27 regular season games to go.  Foye has a very real chance of breaking the record tonight when the Jazz host the Boston Celtics.  If he doesn’t do it then, it’s pretty safe to say that by the time we are turning the calendar to March there will be a new record in the Jazz history books that belongs to Mr. Foye.

It is important to remember the Jazz franchise hasn’t always placed a premium on the three point shot.  During the days of Stockton and Malone it was all about the pick and roll and getting easy buckets for Malone.  With that, I was shocked that it wasn’t Hornacek who held the record.  His best season only qualified him for seventh place on the list, with Kyle Korver, John Stockton and Deron Williams behind him rounding out the top ten. High-flyin’ Bryon Russell holds the number five and six spots with C.J. Miles at number four.  The “Money Man” currently holds the third and first spots but will very soon be dropped to second place because of Foye’s sharp shooting this season.

I decided to hop on basketball-reference.com and check out some of the Jazz team records. It was amazing to see how old some of them are.  It seems like when a Jazz player decides to have a record-breaking season he really goes after it and it lasts a long time. Now if we can just get a bunch of guys to break records all in the same season we could probably get that Larry O’Brien trophy to Salt Lake!

Here are a few of the records that really stuck out to me and are likely to never be broken:

Utah Jazz Season Records

If you really take a second and look at all these records it’s incredible, besides Hornacek’s free throw percentage in 1999-00, all of these records are at least 20 years old and some are 30! I wanted to show all these to put into perspective how great of a season Foye is having shooting the three ball.

In case you were wondering, Ray Allen holds the record for most three pointers made in a season with 269 when he played for Seattle in 05-06.

If  Foye keeps up his pace of making 2.3 three’s per game over the final 27 games he should end up with about 187 three pointers made this season.  That would absolutely blow Okur’s record out of the water by 58. Barring some freak injury in the next few games or the maintenance staff deciding to put bricks over the rims at Energy Solutions, Randy Foye will etch his name in Jazz history books with some pretty good company; and I have a feeling it will stay there for a long, long time.

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