All-Star Saturday Night

Jeremy Evans Self-Portrait DunkPhoto by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Image

All-Star weekend is always better when you are represented. It’s the reason I used to endlessly hope D-Will would be selected or why I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jeremy Evans in the Slam Dunk Competition last year. I’ll always watch, but it’s just more fun when the team you watch sends someone that you can cheer for. With that being said, this is my running stream of consciousness while watching the NBA All-Star Saturday Night festivities.

6:00 p.m.-   We’re getting ready to get things going on NBA All-Star Saturday Night and I’m looking forward to spending tonight just like Valentines Day. Watching the NBA.

6:03 p.m.- Kobe said he thinks James White will win the Slam Dunk Contest. GREAT, NOW I’VE GOT TO PICK SOMEONE ELSE.

6:10 p.m.- My predications for NBA All-Star Saturday Night (Jazz bias aside)

Sears Shooting Stars- ….Who cares?

Taco Bell Skills Challenge- Damian Lilliard

Foot Locker 3 Point Shootout- Steve Novak

Sprite Slam Dunk Contest-  Eric Bledsoe

6:12 p.m.- Shaq just picked Jeremy Evans to win the Slam Dunk Contest, but I’m not sure it counts because he forgot Jeremy’s first name.

6:14 p.m.- As I watch the TNT pre-game show, I’m realizing how many ‘damns’ and ‘hells’ Karl Malone dropped last night while he was on Inside the NBA. Good times.

6:24 p.m.- 5’3” Muggsy Bogues! Fine, I’m taking Muggsy’s team in the Shooting Stars.

6:30 p.m.- Fun fact: Jeff Hornacek won the 3 Point Shootout in 1999-2000 with a final round score of 13. Second lowest winning score ever.

6:43 p.m.- Utah Jazz blogger Spencer Hall from Salt City Hoops is tweeting about a Salt Lake Community College basketball game that features Gary Payton’s son. So I think it’s important that you all know that Gary Payton has two sons named Gary Payton. (Jr. and II)

6:47 p.m.- Muggsy Bogue’s team is out already in the Sears Shooting Stars. But really, I only picked him because he makes me feel tall.

6:50 p.m.- Of course DeMarre Carroll is at the Zions Bank Basketball Facility putting up shots during All-Star Saturday Night.

6:58 p.m.- Well, I was wrong about karma preventing Dominique Wilkins from winning the Shooting Stars Challenge because of how he demanded a trade after the Jazz drafted him in 1982.

7:16 p.m.- Lets be honest, John Stockton would have been the best Skills Challenge contestant ever.

7:19 p.m.- Greg Ostertag would have been the worst.

7:22 p.m.- Lillard! I’m 1 for 2.

7:32 p.m.- Some guy named Phillip Phillips is performing right now. Which gives me hope that Utah Jazz forward Evan Evans will be a two time Slam Dunk champion tonight.

7:40 p.m.- TNT just mentioned that Matt Bonner is from New Hampshire. And I happen to know that he is the only NBA player from that state. A fact that I have absolutely no reason to know.

7:51 p.m.- Not many guys could be in the Slam Dunk Contest one year and the 3 Point Shootout the next. But then again, Paul George also has two first names.

8:00 p.m.- Novak didn’t win, but watching Kyrie Irving shoot in the final round made my heart flutter.

8:10 p.m.- Punk band Fall Out Boy and rapper 2Chainz are performing on stage at the same time.  A similar situation would be if Gail Miller was roommates with former Jazzman DeShawn Stevenson.

8:15 p.m.- We’re minutes way from the dunk competition, which means lanky people every where are watching their comrades launch into the atmosphere and utilize their extra long extremities like never before.

8:19 p.m.- In hopes of a quality dunk contest, I’ve put on my Spizike Air Jordan shoes to bring good luck from the Basketball Gods.

8:32 p.m.- Jeremy Evans should have put Kevin Hart on Mark Eaton’s shoulders and dunked him.

8:41 p.m.- Yawns.

8:47 p.m.- At this point, I’m hoping they bring out the McDonalds Dunk Crew that performs in between the 1st and 2nd quarters of Jazz games.

8:52 p.m.- Bring it home, Jeremy.

9:01 p.m.- Win or lose, Jeremy Evans still jumps higher than me and all my friends combined.

9:06 p.m.- Terrence Ross takes home the trophy, but I guarantee he can’t draw a picture of himself dunking or LDS temples in Utah.

Take care everyone!

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